In addition to pro-bono analyses and open-source work, Jepsen offers paid analysis, training, consulting, and support services to database vendors and other organizations.


Jepsen is best known for in-depth analysis of distributed (and single-node) systems safety, producing high-quality, independent, and accurate public reports on databases, queues, coordination systems, and more. You can hire Jepsen to analyze a specific system and get a Jepsen report of your own.


Jepsen offers high-quality training courses, on-site or remote. Courses include distributed systems theory and operation, how to test systems using Jepsen’s open-source tools, and hands-on workshops where students build their own distributed systems from scratch.


Jepsen offers a broad array of consulting services, including design review, private analysis work, documentation writing, maintenance, and more.


Having trouble with a Jepsen library? Or have questions about a Jepsen report? Jepsen offers a community mailing list, GitHub issues, and direct email support.